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Start Your Own ESL Business

If you do not have a permanent, year-round teaching contract in Ontario, I am sure that you have considered alternative careers or income streams from time to time. We all have our own reasons for our professional situations whether they are extrinsic or intrinsic.  As I see it, there are five paths forward for short-term, contract ESL instructors in our sector: 

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Boosting your Career with the OCELT Designation – Growth. Recognition. Community.

TESL Ontario Certification
Image source: TESL Ontario

Written by Reza Mazloom-Farzaghy, Accreditation Services Manager, TESL Ontario

Hi there. My name is Reza Mazloom-Farzaghy. I am the TESL Ontario Accreditation Services Manager. I am also an OCELT. Do you know what OCELT stands for? We see OCELT in email signatures, resumes, title slides of presentation decks, and presenter biographies quite often these days, which is excellent for our profession! The OCELT professional designation acknowledges the professional status of certified practitioners and enhances their professional prestige as members of a dynamic ESL community. If you are an OCELT but haven’t started using your professional designation yet, or if you are not an OCELT but are planning to start the application process soon, this blog post may encourage you to start today!

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Navigating Ontario’s EAP Sector (Part 1)

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2022 marks a professional milestone for me: one decade as a contract instructor within Ontario English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programs. The last ten years have seen me criss-cross the province undertaking assorted contracts for eight post-secondary institutions. Every college/university I have worked for has had a unique culture and slightly different approach to academic preparation for English language learners. However, some common themes have emerged about how the Ontario EAP market seems to operate.

In a two-part series, I will share insights about navigating a career in EAP that I wish I had realized from the start. I am confident much of what I say can apply to other TESL environments too.

In this first blog of the series, I discuss how people can get their foot in the door.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Guest Contributor: Catherine Crawford

September is the only month that rivals January for that feeling of a new beginning, a fresh start. As many of us have enjoyed the lazy days of summer, Fall brings a sense of change and a newfound energy with it. Whether you are headed back to school, back to the office in some capacity, or are looking for a career change, the Fall is a great time to refocus and set goals.

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Meet Catherine, TESL Ontario’s Newest Career Coach

Image Source: Catherine Crawford

Guest Contributor: Catherine Crawford

Do you struggle to reflect your value in your resume and cover letter? Ever wonder what exactly a hiring manager is looking for in the interview? Feeling stuck in your career and don’t know where to begin? We all seem to know there is a recipe for success when it comes to job competition, but few of us have sought professional guidance on what that is.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Catherine Crawford, a Certified Career Strategist and Resume Strategist, and I’m very excited to help support TESL Ontario members with career strategies for better outcomes.

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