It’s Always PD Time!

clock about to strike midnight on new year's eve
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Was your New Year’s resolution this year to do more professional development? Connect with like-minded, dedicated educators? Add more tools to your teacher’s toolbox? Well, mark your calendars for these upcoming events!

January might be near over, but time never runs out on the possibility to learn more, and there are so many opportunities available in 2020, that we wanted to highlight a few!

Get Connected Online

Have you attended one of TESL Ontario’s webinars? Give it a go this year. There are so many interesting webinars coming up. The next one is titled Slipping in Slang which will take place on February 19. Information on this webinar and a list of all upcoming webinars in the months to come can be found here:

Get Connected with Your Local Affiliate

It’s always a great idea to take advantage of PD opportunities your local affiliate offers. If you’re part of the TESL Ottawa affiliate, consider the upcoming PD event on February 8 at Algonquin College. More information can be found here:


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