Take A Break

While some in our TESL Ontario community continue working through March Break (perhaps you had your break in February if you work in higher education), many of us will be taking a breather from our classes.  Whether you will be enjoying time to relax at home, or will be getting away from it all, March Break is a great time to take a few moments to catch up on some blogs you missed.

To that end, here are a few more recent blogs that we hope will be beneficial to your practice:

AI and technology

From John (just last week!) on AI use in the class

AI in the Classroom: The New, New Normal?

From Cecilia on AI – do you love it or hate it?

AI in the Classroom: Love It or Hate It – It’s Here

From Jennifer on technology in the class – too much?

How much technology is too much?


From Heather on using graphic novels in the class

Rev-Up Reading with Graphic Novels and Comics

From John on using immersive readers

Immersive Reader for Autonomous Reading

From Setareh on reading, reflecting, and learning styles

Personal Learning Styles and Reading Skills

Writing & Reflecting

From Gonul on note-taking skills

Enhancing Students’ NOTE-TAKING Skills II: Assuring the Greatest Benefit from Note-Taking

From Kevin on journal writing

Activity: Journal Writing

From Sherry on helping students take ownership

Building Student Agency and Autonomy



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