Summary of the #teslONchat Digital Literacy & Google Apps in ESL with Stephanie Leutner

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Post by Stephanie Leutner and Vanessa Nino

On May 28, 2021 interested individuals gathered on Twitter to discuss digital literacy and Google Education Apps for ESL. The guest moderator of the evening was Stephanie Leutner (@leutner_s).  Stephanie has been teaching ESL/EFL and designing curriculum for 20+ years, in Canada and overseas.  She is a Level 2 Google Certified teaching-with-technology junkie.   

These questions guided our 1-hour long chat:

  1. In remote learning, have you used any necessary digital skills as Real World Tasks? (Eg: Writing an email or participating in a chat box conversation).
  2. What digital skills do you believe adult learners need to succeed in Canada?
  3. In general, do your students prefer automatically marking quizzes/exercises – like with Google Forms- or individualized feedback on every exercise? 
  4. There are LMSs (like Google’s Applied Digital Skills) that focus on teaching digital skills to English speakers, as Real World Task. Have you ever used anything like this? What application could such lessons have in ESL/LINC?
  5. What is the value of learners & instructors developing collaborative digital skills, such as those in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides?

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#teslONchat’s Evening Highlights – Completed by @leutner_s

It was an absolute delight to discuss this subject and interact with those who are genuinely interested. My own evolution through online teaching has taught me that the technology makes my job easier and my instruction far more effective for my learners. I hope I was able to pass on some helpful ideas and tips. 

Resources shared throughout the chat

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