This blog is meant to encourage discussion in a positive manner with the expectation of sharing and developing as learners and educators in the field of ESL. As such, we expect that all members and participants uphold this standard when interacting with the blog.

There are 2 ways you can participate on this blog project: submitting a blog post of your own and commenting on blog posts that interest you.

Submission Guidelines:

Share Your Inspiring Stories

In addition to regular weekly blog posts from our guest bloggers, there will be a special section of the TESL Ontario blog titled Reflections from the Field.  This section will be open to all TESL Ontario members to submit a blog post about personal and professional achievements, success stories, motivational stories, and experiences that make working in the language training field rewarding.

There is no long term commitment to contribute to the Reflections from the Field section of the TESL Blog.

Reflections from the Field submission guidelines:

  • Post should be a personal reflection / story / experience related to English language training and should be written in the first person
  • Names of students and colleagues should be changed for privacy reasons
  • Post should ideally be between 350 and 700 words in length
  • You will be asked to submit a photo of yourself to go along with your submission
  • Contributors whose posts are chosen for publication will be provided with a certificate for two hours of professional development that can be used for renewal of TESL Ontario accredited membership
  • All submissions are subject to approval and will be reviewed by the TESL Ontario blog administrators. All entries are also subject to minor editing to conform with publication standards

Post suggestions: 

  • Tell us about a day / experience where you felt you made an impact in someone’s life
  • Tell us about a teaching experience (at home or abroad) that inspired you
  • Share success stories of your students or colleagues
  • Share motivational stories from the field that will inspire new instructors to stick with the profession
  • Tell us about the joys and rewards of working in language training
  • Tell us what keeps you going after a bad day

The items in the above list are just some suggestions.  A Reflections from the Field post can be any story that you think will offer motivation and inspiration to your peers.
Members who submit a post for the Reflections from the Field section that is published will be provided with a certificate for 2 hours of professional development.

If you would like to contribute to the Reflections from the Field special section for the TESL Ontario blog, please contact the TESL Ontario Blog Administrators at

Commenting Guidelines:

  • We encourage the community to participate and respond to posts by providing their own relevant reflections as well as posing questions for further discussion in a thought provoking manner.
  • The views and opinions expressed by bloggers and readers belong to those who write them.
  • We will delete any comments that we deem to be malicious, degrading, unnecessarily hurtful, or in breach of our vision for creating a positive environment.
  • We also hold the right to delete any comments that aim to promote or advertise third party websites or products.
  • TESL Ontario and the Blog Administrators reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

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