#CdnELTchat: join the chat on Tuesday!

is back on Tuesday, Jan. 29th to discuss “Balancing Language and in the Classroom”. We hope that you can join them.

Here’s a recap of their January 15th chat.

#CdnELTchat got off to a thoughtful start in 2019 with a focused chat on Resolutions in #ELT. Jennifer Chow (@jennifermchow) led the discussion by posting the questions, with Augusta Avram (@LINCinstructor) and Bonnie Nicholas (@EALstories) welcoming participants and replying to posts, and Svetlana Lupasco (@StanzaSL) providing support in the background. The team has published an article reflecting on their experiences with #CdnELTchat, Building a Community of Connected ELT Professionals on Twitter. The article appears in the most recent issue of the TESL Canada Journal Special Issue, The Shifting Landscape of Professional Self-Development for ELT Practitioners.

#CdnELT chats are held about every two weeks from September to June. Topics are posted in advance, and we collect questions and ideas on our Padlet wall, Questions and Topics for #CdnELTchat. Everyone is welcome to participate, or simply to follow along. Summaries of our chats are posted on the @BCTEAL and @TESLOntario blogs.

Although the chat question responses are separated out here, as the chat unfolded organically there was a lot of back and forth. It is possible to go back to Twitter and search for #CdnELTchat. One advantage of doing this is that you will be able to read tweets that people send in between chats as people use the hashtag to share ideas and resources that they think will be of interest to other #CdnELT professionals.

Q1: Looking back at 2018, what educational opportunity did you take that you are proud of? Who supported you to achieve this?

Click here to read the conversation around Q1.

Q2: Some education people on Twitter are choosing #OneWord to inspire themselves throughout the new year. What would be your #OneWord for 2019?

Click here to read the conversation around Q2.

Q3: If you were to make one resolution for your professional self for 2019, what would it be? What support do you need to be able to carry out your resolutions for 2019?

Click here to read the conversation around Q3.

Q4: What resource or book are you looking forward to reading in 2019?

Click here to read the conversation around Q4.

Q5: What do you need to start, stop, or continue doing in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance in 2019?

Click here to read the conversation around Q5.

Q6: What are you concerned about in #ELT in 2019?

Click here to read the conversation around Q6.

New to #CdnELTchat?

If you have never participated in #CdnELTchat before, go to www.lincchat.ca for more information. #CdnELTchat is self-directed PD, so you determine the level of your involvement. #CdnELTchats usually occur every other Tuesday, with occasional exceptions. Please use the #CdnELTchat hashtag between chats to share thoughts and links with others. If you have any have comments about #CdnELTchat , please send @StanzaSL, @EALStories, @Jennifermchow, or @LINCinstructor a tweet. Add your ideas anytime on our Padlet HERE.


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