Coping with COVID-19 Using Online Instruction

These are unprecedented, uncertain times, and many students and educators are trying to find innovative ways to keep learning and stay engaged. Virtual learning has become an essential tool for many learners and educators, but there’s so much more to it than your traditional discussion boards. Fortunately, our Guest Blogger, John Allan, has created a thorough and informative webinar to share with the ELT community about virtual learning. Coping with COVID-19 Using Online Instruction is now available to TESL Ontario members and the public.

The webinar provides educators with resources to help them better acquaint themselves with online learning. John shares his tips and tricks as well as explores the topics of challenges, facilitation, and new tools. This webinar is FREE through YouTube: However, the additional resources are available though the TESL Ontario group on Tutela.

Thank you again to John for sharing your knowledge and your passion to help educators reach learners in innovative ways.


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