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Quizlet Diagrams

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A commonly used tool for teaching and learning vocabulary are labelled visuals. Labelled visuals are especially important for lower-level language learners when visual examples of concrete vocabulary items are essential for conveying meaning. They are also helpful in teaching English for Specific Purposes, such as studying the parts of an electric motor. However, learning parts of a scene, diagram, chart, illustration, photograph or a map is often boring and tedious for language learners, but the Quizlet Diagram feature can make this much more interesting for learners. 

The Quizlet Diagram feature allows teachers to create interactive activities that are connected to an illustration, map, chart, or photo. This is achieved by labelling these visuals with zones or points that are linked to target vocabulary. These automatically assessed interactions can increase student engagement with their gamification attributes.   
After a Quizlet Diagram is created, it becomes one activity within a reduced Quizlet study set.  When a Quizlet study set includes a Diagram, learners are assured of five unique activities.  These include Learn, Write, Test, Match and Live. Some of these activities can be printed as PDF variations of the digital activity. Including a Quizlet diagram in a Quizlet study set will enhance the learners’ comprehension of a vocabulary set, especially when it is combined with other activities and teacher facilitation. 

Diagrams Showcase

To appreciate Quizlet Diagram activities, go to the Quizlet Diagrams Showcase. The showcase provides a sampling of the possibilities of integrating this technology into your vocabulary acquisition instruction.  In order to take advantage of Quizlet Diagrams, it is recommended that instructors explore available Quizlet Diagrams in the showcase before considering designing a Diagram from scratch. Perusing the Diagrams showcase will provide direction in terms of scope, function, and design if instructors want to create their own Quizlet diagrams. Some teachers may find that a Quizlet Diagram has already been created for a topic that they require.  

Creating an Original Diagram

The most challenging part of creating a Quizlet Diagram is locating or creating a suitable image. The image should clearly display all of the topic’s vocabulary. Examples diagrams are office vocabulary, parts of the heart, steps in recycling a bottle, or the provinces of Canada.  Instructors can create their own diagram on Quizlet by following the instructions on this How To guide in case they cannot find one created by other Quizlet users.  Teachers can choose to create a new study set or add an image to an existing study set by uploading a suitable an image and linking the study sets’ terms to positions in the image. If an image has text on it or an unrelated image, there is a blur tool to obscure unwanted images or text on the Diagram.    

The basic steps of creating a Quizlet Diagram study set are:  

  1. Upload an appropriate image to any study set  
  2. Label key locations on the image with terms
  3. Add definitions 
  4. Publish the study set 

Advanced Features 

Although Quizlet Diagrams are free for both students and teachers to create, upgrading to Quizlet Plus or Quizlet Teacher unlocks advanced diagram creation tools. These include the capacity to add more than eight locations to a diagram, custom shape annotation, and the ability to copy and customize any existing diagram.  


Quizlet Diagrams is one of the most recent Quizlet features. Diagrams are visuals which assist learners with concepts, processes, spaces, and identifying parts of systems or objects. Educators can choose from the archive of existing diagrams or create their own. Use the “Create a Quizlet Diagram” sheet to step through this process with your own visual and word list. Each diagram arrives on the screen with the Write, Match, Learn, Test, and Live Quizlet activities. If you have used Quizlet Diagrams and would like to share your experience, please feel free to comment below


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