Curriculum Development with AI

It is the year 2023 and one of the main concerns of our educators is how threatening AI can be to students’ commitment to academic integrity. While these concerns are valid, we, as learning institutions and educators, need more time to navigate through the unknown AI journey. In the meantime, I would like to shed light on a few ways Large Language Models (LLMs) can bring more efficiency to an educator’s life in curriculum development and lesson planning.

Create Sample Assignments

I am always curious to see what LLMs can develop if I use an assignment instruction list. I can easily use it to create a sample assignment for students to look at. Creating sample assignments in the past has been time consuming; I either had to gain permission from a student to share their sample anonymously with other students and classes, or develop one myself. Today, I can gain access to a sample in seconds. Students are always appreciative of being able to look at a sample assignment before producing one.

Create Editing Exercises

Most of the programs we teach come with a textbook full of well-developed exercises, but sometimes educators need more personalized exercises based on their lesson plans. If we teach writing courses, editing activities can bring a lot of fun to our classes. I have been using ChatGPT for developing specific examples for thesis statements, essays, paragraphs, paragraphs missing topic sentences, written texts with grammar mistakes or punctuation mistakes, and it has helped generate activities in seconds.

Create Case Studies

Teaching on zoom and creating engaging breakout rooms have been a large part of curriculum development in the past few years, and creating certain case studies and discussion scenarios are sometimes a challenge for me as an educator. These days, ChatGPT creates these scenarios for me in seconds, and I have been able to create the most engaging discussions in my breakout rooms.

While the education world is busy navigating the ins and outs of AI, let’s start playing around with these tools and see where they can take us. Let’s explore and share!

Please share below –  How have you been using AI tools in your curriculum development?

Hi everyone! My name is Sherry, and I have been teaching adult learners for the past 18 years. I am an OCT certified teacher with a master’s degree in Education. I teach English, ESL, OSLT, research and report writing courses at a post-secondary level of education. As an educator, I am passionate about incorporating diverse instructional strategies that would benefit students with various learning abilities. I am also passionate about research and implementing various ED-Tech tools in developing and instructing various courses. I am very glad to be a part of the TESL Blog team.


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