Don’t Just Think It: Blog It!

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Have you read this blog and thought hmm I wish they’d write about [insert relevant topic here] or read a post and thought I have another strategy for that? Maybe you’ve seen the emails over the years and thought that’d be neat, but I don’t know… Well, why not make this the year you take on a new adventure, come on board, and lead the conversation!

Use Your Talents

Our Guest Bloggers use their experiences and passion to talk about topics that mean something them. We’re always looking for bloggers who have knowledge in other aspects of the TESL field. Maybe you have a background in social work and have now combined that experience with TESL and want to share your knowledge in understanding and supporting different communities. Maybe you have a background in business before you entered the TESL community and have thoughts or knowledge to share about taking your career into your own hands.

Get the Inside Scoop

Being a blogger is not a total isolated experience. Once you write your post, our Blog Administrators will work with you to ensure your post shines bright and has the finesse you want.

The commitment is regular. We ask for a blogger to submit 1 post a month, but we also know that life happens so we work with you to make a schedule that you’re comfortable with during more hectic times of the year.

The topics are endless. You decide what topics you write about for each post, so you can either stick to tried and true for you or venture out and dabble in new territory. This is your chance to also experience new facets of education and do some learning.

We have a casual scholars approach. Our blog is meant to open up dialogue and while our bloggers do research to support their approaches, initiate reflection, and gain understanding, it has a very different approach than a scholarly research platform.  The blog is a place where you can dip your toes into the water, take a moment to reflect, and watch where the ripples lead.

Take the Leap

If you have thought about being a Guest Blogger, why not let now be the moment you give it a chance. Click on that link in your emails and fill out the applications. Be adventurous this year!