Have a Holly Jolly Practice!

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You may be wondering if you need to send off students with some work over the holidays to make sure they keep practicing. The reality is that everyone wants to feel free for a couple of days! So why not make the practice fun for them?!

Due to COVID students probably are spending most of their time at home, so they may thrive watching fun movies or exploring websites. Here are some fun websites that your students could use to practice their English language skills for free:

  • Learn English With TV Series is a YouTube channel with more than three million subscribers which basically provides short scenes of famous movies and TV series with great explanations of expressions and terms used in each scene. While subscribers have to pay for some of the lessons, there are many lessons which are available for free!
  • Espresso English is a useful source for improving pronunciation with lots of lessons designed to help students distinguish and practice English pronunciation as uttered by a native speaker.
  • Learning Chocolate is a vocabulary practice website for lower-level students who need to work on their spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary knowledge.
  • English Club is a good option for practicing basic grammar points. It provides explanations followed by a simple online quiz with answers at the end.
  • Breaking News English provides English news lessons in seven levels in several different themes. There is a new lesson every two days on news stories from across the world. Students have a chance to test their comprehension by responding to a variety of questions at the end of each news story.
  • Lit 2 Go is a fabulous resource for novel and story lovers. If your students are interested in reading and listening to a famous work during the holidays, they can take a peek at this collection and choose a book to match their interests. The books, along with their audio, are categorized by readability, genre, and authors, which makes it easy to find the best match!

Let us know what other fun resources you suggest for independent learning that might be suitable for the holidays!

Greetings to all colleagues and readers! I’m Azi. I teach EAP and Business Bridging Course at ICEAP Toronto, King’s College Campus. I’m also an ESL Instructor at London District Catholic School Board. After about 10 years of overseas teaching experience and degrees in Linguistics, my second master’s in TESOL from Western University brushed up my skills and knowledge in the field. Later I became a TESL Trainer both in Theory and Methodology and thrive to see new techniques and strategies to help learners. I believe in fun as the core incentive in learning a second language. I am a mom to a little princess and I mostly spend my spare time with her. I’ve moved to a fully online delivery method during the COVID-19 pandemic in both of the courses I teach, so I have a lot to share!! I am so delighted to be a part of the TESL Blog team


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