Summary of #teslONchat’s discussion on #Mindfulness

On July 31, 2020 we had our first Twitter chat labeled with the hashtag #teslONchat. The purposes of these chats are to connect with the TESL Ontario community and discuss a specific topic for one hour on a Friday evening once a month. 

Our first chat focused on the topic of #Mindfulness and it was moderated by Anjum Karimi (@anjum_karimi). Anjum recently presented a #TESLwebinar around the same topic. She has extensive experience in the ELT field and is very passionate about leading a mindful life. You can also connect with Anjum through her LinkedIn profile.

Questions Discussed

These were the questions discussed on July 31, 2020: 

  1. What is mindfulness?
  2. How can we bring mindfulness to our teaching?
  3. What can mindfulness do for students and teachers?
  4. What are some mindful practices we can start implementing now? 

Please read the tweets of the evening that were collected using advanced search settings on Twitter. 

Resources Shared During & After the Chat

Join Us

As mentioned earlier #teslONchat will be hosted on our Twitter page once a month. If you’re interested in sharing your passion or expertise in a specific topic please reach out to us on Twitter – @TESLOntario. 

This summary post was written by Vanessa Nino, manager of TESL Ontario’s Twitter. Find her tweeting over @vnino23


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