Summary of the #EdTech discussion with John Allan

September 4, 2020 marked another successful and fruitful discussion on Twitter, through the #teslONchat hashtag. We discussed #EdTech with John Allan – @mrpottz

This chat explored the topic of education technology in terms of instructors and administrators rethinking their previous choices of edtech for online teaching.

This session was moderated by John Allan. John has shared dozens of webinars, workshops, articles, and blog posts around the same topic. He has experience in the Technology Enhanced Language Learning field and is glad to discuss his education technology possibilities experiences with the TESL Ontario community. You can also connect with John through his LinkedIn profile.

Questions Discussed 

These were the questions discussed on September 4, 2020: 

  1. What technology have you recently tried as a reaction of the COVID-19 crisis?
  2. How did you choose online technologies that you used to teach in March and April?
  3. Are there any technology tool gaps that you need to fill moving into the next term?
  4. Where are you sourcing learning objects (e.g. Tutela for H5P learning objects)?
  5. Are you considering any education technology frameworks when choosing your technologies (e.g. SAMR, Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, Padagogy Wheel, TPACK)? 
  6. Do you have any resources you think other educators will find helpful for online teaching?

Please read the tweets of the evening that were collected using the advanced search settings on Twitter. 


#teslONchat’s Evening Highlights 

  • The overall consensus is that everyone is experiencing technology challenges, they feel more confident about the upcoming term and most want to consolidate their existing tech tools before learning new ones. Since last term teachers spent so much time learning how to deal with the communications tools and learning management systems, they felt that they might try to improve on the tools that they used last term. 
  • Teachers wondered how they could prevent student and teacher burnout this term. We referred to Patrice Palmer’s recent #teslONchat. 
  • Participants felt that low tech solutions were the best for LINC students and instructors. 
  • We discussed that the closed captioning can be most easily accomplished by uploading a video to YouTube. 
  • The biggest challenges were to facilitate synchronous classes and record screen captures and lectures. 
  • It was agreed that since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, there are many more sharing and learning opportunities for education professionals in the form of webinars, free web tool licences, blog posts, online conferences, Twitter chats and practical resources via sites like Tutela. 

Resources Shared During & After the Chat

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This summary post was written by Vanessa Nino, manager of TESL Ontario’s Twitter, and John Allan. Find Vanessa tweeting over @vnino23 and John @mrpottz


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