Summary of the #ELTResources discussion with Diane Ramanathan

On November 20, 2020 we gathered on twitter to discuss English Language Teaching resources with Diane Ramanathan. Diane is the Tutela outreach coordinator as well as a @LINCHomeStudy instructor and TESL professor at @AlgonquinCollege.  In her free time she can be seen in Ottawa paddling up the Rideau with a merry band of friends. You can connect with Diane via Twitter (@ram_diane).

These questions guided our 1-hour long chat:

1- What is your favourite source for online learning materials?

2- What is your go to place to source for workplace materials?

3- How would you rate your knowledge of copyright?

4- What materials are you using to teach about COVID?

5- What types of resources do you have difficulty finding?

#teslONchat’s Evening Highlights 

The major highlights of the chat were the many resources shared by both Diane and by participants. 

You can read the November 20, 2020 #teslONchat here

Resources shared throughout the chat

Breaking News English Lessons: Easy English World News Materials – ESL

BBC Learning English

ELLO – English Listening Lesson Library Online

Copyright Matters from Council of Ministers of Education, Canada  

Creative Commons – About The Licenses

The Refugee Inside Me Tik Tok – by Midean Ismail 

@refugee613 Resources for Newcomers

Live and Learn

H5P resources on Tutela

Comprehending Instructions (Thawing a Turkey) on Tutela

Defunding the Police? Listening Assessment CLB 4 or 5 on Tutela

COVID-19 Resources on Tutela

Pragmatics for Business on Tutela from Norquest 

LINC Works CLB 3 Part 1 on Tutela

LINC Works CLB 5 Part 1 on Tutela

Car Insurance Module CLB 4-6 on Tutela

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This summary post was written by Vanessa Nino, manager of TESL Ontario’s Twitter. Find Vanessa tweeting over @vnino23. Short Biography provided by Diane. 


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