TechKnow at the TESL ON 2018 Conference

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For the last 20 years, TESL Ontario has held technology workshops at the annual conference to introduce and provide conference attendees with the opportunity to learn from the many individuals who utilize technology in the classroom. Over the years, the interest has grown along with the opportunities to use technology from computers to tablets to smart phones. Most of our students have one or several of these devices. The use of these devices also provides opportunity for our students to learn and work on activities outside of classroom time. Many utilize technology to augment their learning even when their instructors aren’t using it with them.

Funding for the use and development of tools to assist with language learning from both the Federal and Provincial government has been in place for many years, and they continue to support the development of materials and courses for instructors to apply the use of technology in language learning. They have also supported online courses that train teachers in the use of these online tools and materials, such as LearnIT2Teach.


At TESL Ontario’s 46th Annual Conference, along with the many technology sessions, we will also be hosting a TechKnow session on Thursday November 1st from 2:10 to 3:10. This will be a great opportunity for attendees and presenters to meet and discuss best practices in utilizing technology to enhance language learning. The conference attendees will have the opportunity to meet with 3 different presenters over the hour-long session to learn about how the presenter uses a technology with their students to enhance their language learning.

This session will be available to all conference participants; we have 15 individual presenters who will share information about the technology they use to assist their students. These presenters will give a short overview of the technology they use, how they use it, and how it benefits their students in language learning. They will also take a few questions at the end of the session.  This will be an informal setting in which attendees can network with the presenter and the other participants.

If you plan to attend the conference this year, consider attending a TechKnow session or one of our many other technology workshops. We hope you will find something of interest that will help in your own professional development. Our goal in providing these sessions is for you to take this opportunity to network and build a list of go-to-people that can help you develop your interest and feel comfortable in using some of the many tech options that are available.




2 thoughts on “TechKnow at the TESL ON 2018 Conference”

  1. Can’t wait for this! I will be showcasing “sound trap”, an audio recording tool. I’ve seen the tech-know menu, and there is something for everyone. Mostly looking forward to the discussion. It will be something like educational technology speed dating.

  2. I agree, Jen, this will awesome and with so many choices, there will be something for everyone! I’ll be showing GooseChase – a digital scavenger hunt. See you there.

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