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Financial Friday Budgeting for Success

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Ever feel like your paycheck disappears too quickly? Your pay or balance in your chequing account gets eaten up by bills and expenses, leaving no room for enjoyment. Maybe you decide to borrow money to purchase an item, or go on vacation, to only add to the debt you have. Sometimes we do this, and don’t even pay attention to the consequences.

The goal of this blog is to share some money tips which will help you, as an educator, to stay on track financially.

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Calling our students by their names

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~A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But would it, really?

My name, Jennifer, comes from the Welsh Gwenhwyfar. It means “white wave” or “fair lady.” Although I don’t see myself as a “lady,” I do like the rhythmic majesty of “wave.” The tumbling, repetitive motion of it. But if it weren’t for the research I did, I wouldn’t have a clue what my name means. My parents certainly didn’t put much thought into it; they just liked it. Indeed, according to Ye Chongguang, “Chinese names are often chosen for their meaning, but English names are chosen for their sounds” (Lee, 2001).

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