Mission “I’m Possible” –  Even You Can Become a Secret Agent!

Image source: www.bigstockphoto.com
Image source: www.bigstockphoto.com

Good Morning Mr./Mrs. Blog Reader.

Before you decide on which presentations to attend at the TESL Ontario Annual Conference, please read this:

There is an ongoing investigation concerning best practices, benefits and challenges related to virtual teamwork. A panel discussion exposing virtual teamwork will take place at the Sheraton Centre Hotel located at 123 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada at precisely 1:00 p.m., Friday,  November 13th, 2015. Participants will be given a writing instrument and asked to write questions on a piece of uncoated stock paper, with a vellum finish. They will then be instructed to slip the note into a Fedora, which may be a code name for something they are trying to “keep a lid on“. Discreetly do as they say.

Top agents from the TESL Ontario Blog Administration Team will be disclosing sensitive information. Who are they? What do they know? How do they do it, being geographically dispersed? What technology are they using to communicate? What makes this virtual team tick?   And most importantly, how can you use this information to design your own virtual team?   

Your mission Mr./Mrs. Blog Reader, should you choose to accept it, is to attend the Virtual Teamwork Exposed panel discussion and solve the mysterious case of virtual teamwork.

As always, should you or any of your I.M.F. (Impossible Mission Force) be caught organizing your own virtual team project, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

The Virtual Teamwork Exposed panel will self-destruct at precisely 2 p.m., November 13th, 2015.

Good luck Mr./Mrs. Blog Reader (Cue Mission Impossible theme song). 

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