My Transformational Journey as Interlanguage


Hello everyone! My name is Interlanguage and I’m here to share my transformational journey with you! A journey which was supposed to take me to my dreamland of Second Language! Instead, this journey made me an excellent version of myself!

Well, as you all know the whole journey of second-language learning starts with a first language. The language we know best, feel safest with, and base our identity and culture around. But now we’ve decided to experience something new! We‘ve been told about a mesmerizing new land, with people who know nothing about our homeland or our language, yet we communicate and try to understand each other because we’re all in the Land of Second Language.

Wow! Looking back on those days when I was so determined to embark upon my journey, I remember thinking to myself that it would be no joke! It would take sustained effort and persistence. There would be times when it would seem very daunting, but I kept reminding myself of the ultimate goal that fuelled my motivation along the way. This is why we must have trust during the journey; because our goal is for something better! It wasn’t just my inner voice telling me this, but all those who had successfully gone through the journey before me.

They told me about how precious yet precarious the journey would be.  All the twists and turns of Grammar, the valleys of Vocabulary, the fast-flowing rivers of Listening Skill that would make you believe you’re one breath away from drowning in a deluge of linguistic input. Not to mention the dense woods of Reading Skill, which could get pretty scary at night, making you feel totally lost with no way out! Those who had trodden the path before me offered reassurance that I could overcome all the hardships if I could just trust the journey. Of course, I got help from those who could facilitate the second-language learning process for me, who understood me, believed in me, and didn’t discourage me when I came across linguistic barriers. They also warned me about the threats along the way, and yes they’re real!

On my journey, I came to meet self-discipline captivated by lethargy. I couldn’t move forward. I thought that was it. I couldn’t go any further! But my inner voice came to the rescue. It told me that with trust and resilience, I could break free from my struggles and continue on my journey hand in hand with them, as little by little they strengthened me.

Throughout the journey, the only thing that kept me motivated was achieving my goal and arriving in the Land of Second Language. I was sure from the beginning that I wanted to discover that new land. All those who had gone through this journey before me encouraged me to continue fearlessly and with persistence! The journey itself would lead me to that unknown, mysterious land in which I could communicate and connect with anyone who had made the same journey as mine. At first, I didn’t get what they were talking about, but I chose to trust the unknown and take action!

And now I’m here! At Interlanguage! After going through ups and downs in my second-language journey, I have finally arrived at my destination! But the truth is that the destination wasn’t the goal! The destination, which was to become a fluent speaker in the Land of Second Language, wasn’t the actual goal! The goal was to become the best version of myself through the journey, and to embrace the journey with motivation, trust, and persistence. It was to become confident enough to deal with any language barriers that blocked my way to communication with people.  And, in becoming who I am now I carried the legacy of my first language, which is the proof of who I was before my transformational journey and where I came from!

So, I hope that my unique journey of becoming fluent in the Land of Second Language can be of some help to those who are eager to explore something totally new but absolutely worthwhile!

Wishing you well on your journey,


Greetings from the bottom of the heart of an educator. I’m Setareh and I have tried to be an agent for change through being an EFL/ESL instructor for over ten years now: change from uncertainty to assurance. I studied English Literature and went on to continue my studies in TEFL. As a learning facilitator, trying to empower learners and helping them get control over their learning pursuit is what I feel passionate about. I like sharing my teaching and learning experiences with my passionate fellows through writing as well. My area of professional interest is writing- be it blogging, short story, translation, or content writing. I see writing as a blue bird of some sci-fi movies with many wings. My writing wings are amazing books, moving movies, great company, healthy food, and physical and mental exercise.


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