2017 in Review

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Dear TESL ON blog readers,

We wish you all a Happy Holiday and a well deserved time of rest and relaxation, as the clock winds down for year 2017.  And on that note, below is a recap of the blogs for 2017 – in case you missed something. It’s a good time to catch up on your blog reading. 🙂

Listed by blogger and title, click on the link to go to the blog that you’d like to read.

Our Guest Bloggers

John Allan

Cecilia Aponte-de-Hanna

Greg De Luca

Laila Al-Sbeinati

Misha Gingerich

Our Occasional Bloggers

Carol Blake

Ruth Yu

Sridatt Lakhan

Chris Smrke

Ramona Brown

Elaine Sambugaro

Michelle Wardman

Marcella Jager

Jen Artan

Laura Brass

John Sivell

Diane Ramanathan

Featured: TESL ON Board

Geoff Lawrence

James Papple

Sharon Deng

Featured: Toronto Public Health

Our Blog Admin Team

Tamsin Cobb

 Michael Karas

Beth Beardall


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