Word Order Makes It in Kahoot’s Jumble Game

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Have you tried Kahoot’s new jumble game? It’s fun!

If you are an avid reader of TESL Ontario blogs, you would know Nadeen wrote about it in October 2015 – so yes! Kahoot has been around for a long time. You can read her blog here: Use Kahoot to spice up your lesson.

Now for the newness, which soon will be ‘the has been’ since technology moves faster than a speeding bullet (sorry . . . Superman).

Pick from an existing activity

The new Jumble game is great for students at any level who need to practice word order or any other type of sentence structure. Ready made games are available, but you might want to create your own too.

You may want to try a ready-made Jumble game just to get an idea of what it entails. I’m adding the link to the one I tried: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/4b59b045-462f-4a95-b41a-f319559a90d4 According to the creator, it is geared to first graders, so watch out!

As with the other games in Kahoot, you can save existing games in your favourite folder and you can also preview a game by clicking the Preview option. Once in the Preview mode, you will be able to join as a player and view the content at the same time in the comfort of one device (in my case, my laptop).

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Here are some ideas to create Jumble Kahoots

  1. Words in alphabetical order
  2. Collocations
  3. Simple sentences
  4. Compound sentences
  5. Complex sentences
  6. Verb tenses

Colour Coding Your Jumbles

I’m thinking that for the very beginner, each colour block could stand for a part of speech. This way students can practice simple sentence structures. To raise the difficulty level, the order should not match the regular order of the blocks in the game (red for triangle, mustard for oval, blue for hectogon, and green for square). Students can also create their own Jumbles, and share them in class. A suggestion would be to view them before students share their creations to make sure they are correctly colour coded.

Share your ideas

If you have already created a Kahoot, why not share it with us?


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5 thoughts on “Word Order Makes It in Kahoot’s Jumble Game”

  1. Thank you for this. I have used Spelling City’s “Sentence Unscramble” game with both my classes (literacy and multilevel) to reinforce English syntax with much success. It’s good to know about this additional resource, especially as I begin studying the lexical approach more and more.

  2. Cecilia thanks for making us aware of this new feature. It will add variety and fun to our classes next year.

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